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 New Ways of "Learning the Library" -- and Beyond
New Ways of Learning the Library -- and Beyond

New Ways of "Learning the Library" -- and Beyond:
Papers and Session Materials Presented at the 23rd National LOEX Conference

Library Orientation Series, No. 27

In the past, LOEX conferences have addressed many instructional issues, from marketing library instruction to cooperation with faculty and teaching critical evaluation.

This new publication returns to the basics of library instruction as they relate to the new challenges of the profession. These basics are teaching, learning, and what programs really work.

New Ways of "Learning the Library" -- and Beyond is the 27th title in the Library Orientation Series by Pierian Press. The title contains the proceedings from the 23rd National LOEX Library Instruction Conference, addressing methods of teaching and learning and the ways in which library instruction has expanded since the 1982 publication of Learning the Library.

Featured Content

The two main papers in this volume depart from the LOEX practice in that the authors are from beyond the traditional library walls.

  • Maryellen Weimer, a researcher and expert on teaching in higher education, addresses the challenges of college teaching and reminds us of the work that needs to be done to meet those challenges.
  • Claire Weinstein, an educational psychologist whose main interest is in the skills needed to be expert learners, describes how learning occurs and how librarians can encourage it in their teaching.

The third main article, by two long-time practitioners of library instruction, provides a "Meta=Learning" workshop, which explores the total learning experience.

New Ways of "Learning the Library" -- and Beyond also contains 20 presentations and poster sessions on teaching and learning, ranging from the design of an information kiosk to planning and funding an electronic classroom.

The volume also includes the annual library instruction and information bibliography by Hannelore B. Rader and the roster of conference participants. E-mail addresses are provided where possible.

Ordering Information

  • Library Orientation Series, No. 27
  • ISBN 0-87650-347-4
  • 8 1/2 x 11, 240p, paper, 1996, $40.00
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