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The Arab-American Experience in the United States and Canada, A Classified, Annotated Bibliography

Available 5 April 2006.

The Arab-American Experience in the United States and Canada: A Classified, Annotated Bibliography: This bibliography is the first comprehensive attempt to identify, organize, evaluate and describe the extensive literature on the Arab community in the United States and Canada -- a particularly timely topic. The author, Michael W. Suleiman, spent twenty-five years compiling this immensely valuable bibliography.

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No. 36: Information Literacy and the Technological Transformation of Higher Education: Papers and Documents of the ACRL Instruction Section Think Tank III. These proceedings continue a long tradition of focused discussion on the future direction of library instruction in higher education.

No. 35: Reflective Teaching: A Bridge to Learning: Selected Papers Presented at the Thirty-First National LOEX Library Instruction Conference Held in Madison Wisconsin. This volume looks at the essentials of instruction: teaching and learning; and the integral step of self-assessment.

No. 34: Integrating Information Literacy into the College Experience: Papers Presented at the Thirtieth National LOEX Library Instruction Conference. This volume addresses the diverse issues that are part of the information literacy landscape, and provides useful guidance for making all related programs more productive and effective.

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No. 33: Managing Library Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries. This volume presents advice and insightes -- based on experience -- for managing effectively all aspects of a library literacy program.

No. 32: First Impressions, Lasting Impact: Introducing the First-Year Student to the Academic Library. The conference proceedings explore ways to convey library literacy skills that will empower this special group of library users for a lifetime.


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