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 First Impressions, Lasting Impact
Loex 32 book cover

First Impressions, Lasting Impact:
Introducing the First-Year Student to the Academic Library

Library Orientation Series: #32

Edited by Julia K. Nims and Ann Andrew

The 28th National LOEX Conference focused on the first-year student and explored ways to leave a lasting impression on this special group of learners.

First-year college students are changing in their learning styles and expectations. Elizabeth Dupuis discussed factors that shape the world of traditional college-age students. Many of the other presenters echoed her observations and further explained how this generation differs from previous ones.

Instruction librarians are experiencing a push for accountability in helping all students learn. Several speakers discussed how librarians need to become proactive in establishing assessment programs on their campuses.

The current generation of college students will make new demands on libraries and librarians. The content of this conference will help librarians determine the scope of services offered and how to make them effective and relevant.

Ordering Information

  • Library Orientation Series, No. 32
  • ISBN 0-87650-366-0
  • 8 1/2x11, 256p, paper, 2002, $45.00

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Detailed Table of Contents

by Julia K. Nims

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In Loco Amicus
by Elizabeth A. Dupuis

Advancing Learning through Assessment: The Instructional Librarian,
the Library, and Instructional Spaces

by Carla J. Stoffle, Janet S. Fore, and Barbara Allen

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Instructive Sessions

  • Instructive Session No: 1
    That's Infotainment! Effective Orientation Programs

    by Laurie Alexander, Renoir Gaither, and Harold W. Tuckett (University of Michigan)
  • Figure 1: Kolb's Model of the Process of Experiental Learning

  • Instructive Session No: 2
    "Don't Know Much About Boolean": Training Faculty to Incorporate Information Literacy into a First-Year Experience Course

    by Sarah Blakeslee and Kristin Trefts (California State University, Chico)

  • Instructive Session No: 3
    Learning Communities for First-Year Undergraduates: Connecting the Library Through Credit Courses

    by Randy Burke Hensley and Vickery Kaye Lebbin (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
  • Table 1: Learning Community Models
  • Table 2: Workshops vs. Courses
  • Appendix 1: Course Description

  • Instructive Session No: 4
    First Things First: Our First Year with a First-Year Experience Librarian

    by Colleen Boff, Kelly Broughton, and Catherine Cardwell (Bowling Green State University, Ohio)
  • Handout 1: The First-Year Experience Librarian
  • Handout 2: Announcement of Position Vacancy

  • Instructive Session No: 5
    Bibliographic Entertainment—Making BI Interesting, Dramatic, and Important

    by Evan Cornell (University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg)

  • Instructive Session No: 6
    Changing with the Times: The Evolution of a Freshman Information Literacy Requirement

    by Eliot Finkelstein, Carrie Kruse, and Abigail Loomis (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  • Instructive Session No: 7
    Talking Story and Talking `Toons: Technology at Play in the BI Classroom

    by Rebecca Merritt Bichel (Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA)
  • Figure 1: Outline for Basic Legal Research Seminar
  • Figure 2: PowerPoint Slide and Notes
  • Figure 3: Slide Showing Interactive Voice Assistant

  • Instructive Session No: 8
    A Healthy Collaboration: Information Seeking Skills for First Year Health Professions Students

    by Alison Grodzinski (Central Michigan University)

  • Instructive Session No: 9
    Psychology of Elitism: Creating a Learning Environment for Students Who Think They Are Expected to Already Know Everything

    by Pamela T. Harris (Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania)

  • Instructive Session No: 10
    Teaching in Another Dimension: Collaborating with the University Honors Program on Freshman Orientation

    by Terri L. Holze and Anna Marie Johnson (University of Louisville, Kentucky)

  • Instructive Session No: 11
    Hot Information in a Cool World: How an Innovative Marketing Strategy Increased Attendance at Voluntary User Education Classes

    by Rosanne Jatania (University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand)
  • Figure 1: Ladies and Gentlemen on the "menu" today....
  • Figure 2: "Feeling the Heat?"
  • Figure 3: Hot Stuff!
  • Figure 4: "Hot Information in a Cool World"
  • Figure 5: Michelangelo's David
  • Figure 6: "Oops!"
  • Figure 7: Library Bookmark
  • Figure 8: Sex Sells!

  • Instructive Session No: 12
    Information Literacy in the Research Lab: Evaluation and Critical Thinking for First-Year Students

    by Anna Litten (Emerson College Library, Massachusetts)
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 3
  • Appendix 4
  • Appendix 5

  • Instructive Session No: 13
    Introducing First-Year Student-Athletes to the Library: The Michigan State University Experience

    by Michael Lorenzen and Nancy Lucas (Michigan State University Library)

  • Instructive Session No: 14
    Going to the Library? You're Virtually There: Problem-Based Learning for a 50-Minute Orientation

    by Alexius Smith Macklin (Purdue University, Indiana)

  • Instructive Session No: 15
    We're Teaching—Are They Learning? Looking at the Two-Credit, Required Information Literacy Course

    by Susan R. McMillan (York College of Pennsylvania)
  • Appendix 1:
  • Appendix 2:
  • Appendix 3:

  • Instructive Session No: 16
    Comparing Online Tutorials with Face-to-Face Instruction: A Study at Ball State University

    by Melissa Muth and Susan Taylor (Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana)
  • Figure 1: Percentage of Students Choosing "Strongly Agree" or "Agree" on Student Comment Sheet Likert Scale Questions
  • Figure 2: Types of Open-Ended Comments Offered on Student Comment Sheets
  • Appendix 1:
  • Appendix 2:
  • Appendix 3:

  • Instructive Session No: 17
    Library Instruction for the At-Risk Freshman

    by Philip Powell and Pamela Isacco Niesslein (College of Charleston, South Carolina)
  • Table 1:
  • Table 2:

  • Instructive Session No: 18
    Cyber Assignments: New Directions for Library Instruction at the Ohio State University Libraries

    by Fred Roecker and Thomas Minnick (Ohio State University)

  • Instructive Session No: 19
    Library Instruction and Outreach When Every Month Is September

    by Anne Marie Secord and Robin Lockerby (National University, California)

  • Instructive Session No: 20
    Translating Information Competencies from High School to College

    by Terri Pedersen Summey (Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas)
  • Appendix 1:
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    Discussion Groups

  • Discussion Group No: 1
    Making It Count: Assessing Library Contributions to Student Learning Outcomes at (And Beyond) the First Year

    by Jeff Bullington and Cindy Pierard (University of Kansas at Lawrence)

  • Discussion Group No: 2
    Identifying High Impact Strategies and Collaborations for Freshman Library Instruction at Your Institution

    by Gale Burrow, Carrie Marsh, and Amy Wallace (The Claremont Colleges in California)
  • Appendix A:
  • Appendix B:

  • Discussion Group No: 3
    The First-Year Market: Who Are They and How Do We Reach Them?

    by Donna J. Gunter and Rebecca Warren (University of North Carolina at Wilmington)

  • Discussion Group No: 4
    Disappearing Ink or Strong Link? The Role of Library Instruction in an Information Literacy Initiative

    by Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe (Illinois State University in Normal)

  • Discussion Group No: 5
    The One-Shot Multiple Section Freshman Instruction Session: Keeping the Teaching Librarian Stress-Free and Intellectually Stimulated

    by Deborah F. Sheesley (The College of New Jersey)
  • Appendix: An Information Literacy Resource List
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    Poster Sessions

  • Poster Session No: 1
    Putting a Human Face on a Technological Place

    by Margaret R. Lambert (University of Memphis)
  • Part 1 - Putting a Human Face on a Technological Place

  • Poster Session No: 2
    The University Librarian as Academic Advisor

    by Paul Studdard (Millersville University, Millersville, PA)
  • Part 1 - The University Librarian as Academic Advisor

  • Poster Session No: 3
    Tailored Instructional Web Pages

    by Hilary Leon and Lisa Klopfer (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI)
  • Part 1 - Tailored Instructional Web Pages

  • Poster Session No: 4
    Information Literacy Program

    by Michale McGuire (Colby College) and Paul Welch (University of Maine at Farmington)
  • Part 1 - Information Literacy Program
  • Part 2 - LIA 101 Tour/Activity
  • Part 3 - LIA 101 Library Activity #10

  • Poster Session No: 5
    The Value of Handouts or Study Guides as a Teaching Tool

    by Wolfhard Touchard (Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI)
  • Part 1 - The Value of Handouts or Study Guides as a Teaching Tool

  • Poster Session No: 6
    Large Scale Library Instruction in 50 Minutes or Less

    by Elizabeth Evans and Marian C. Hampton (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Part 1 - Large Scale Library Instruction in 50 Minutes or Less

  • Poster Session No: 7
    "Making Connections with First-Year Students"

    by Colleen Boff and Kelly Broughton (Bowling Green State University)
  • Part 1 - "Making Connections with First-Year Students"

  • Poster Session No: 8

    by Claudia Ruediger and Kathryn Courtland Millis (DePauw University)
  • Part 1 - Modules.depauw.year1

  • Poster Session No: 9
    Clam Sex in the Library: Integrating Information Literacy Skills into the First-Year Biology Curriculum

    by Janelle Wertzberger and Katherine Furlong (Gettyburg College)
  • Part 1 - Article
  • Part 2 - Finding What You Need in the Library (BIO 111)
  • Part 3 - Posters

  • Poster Session No: 10
    Transitional Students and Library Instruction

    by Sharon Hewitt (Hartford Community College)
  • Part 1 - Transitional Students and Library Instruction
  • Part 2 - Basic Writing—Locate an Article...
  • Part 3 - HCC Library EBSCOhost Worksheet
  • Part 4 - HCC Library Search Strategy Worksheet
  • Part 5 - Hot Topics

  • Poster Session No: 11
    Making It Relevant: Student-Centered Orientation

    by Cynthia H. Comer (Oberlin College)
  • Part 1 - Making It Relevant: Student-Centered Orientation
  • Part 2 - Sample Syllabus
  • Part 3 - Library Orientation Tour Outline
  • Part 4 - Bookmark

  • Poster Session No: 12
    Diversity of the Student Population at Hunter College

    by Suzanne J. Crow and Clay Williams (Hunter College)
  • Part 1 - Article
  • Part 2 - A Comparison of Block and Non-Block Freshmen
  • Part 3 - Brochure
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    Roster of Participants

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