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 Managing Library Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries

Managing Library Instruction Programs in Academic Libraries:
Selected Papers Presented at the Twenty-Ninth National LOEX Library Instruction Conference

Library Orientation Series: #33

Edited by Julia K. Nims and Eric Owen

Most instruction librarians learn how to teach by experience. Granted, some have taken a course on bibliographic instruction or courses that include a few sessions on bibliographic instruction or even a practicum on instruction while working on their MLS degrees. Some even have backgrounds in education and formal teaching experience. However, most instruction librarians find themselves teaching without the benefit of formal education on effective teaching practices. As a result, they continually seek to hone their skills to become better, more effective teachers.

Once instruction librarians have mastered teaching, they soon find themselves managing an instruction program. They become responsible for planning and implementing an instruction program, supervising and mentoring other instruction librarians, and working to convince faculty and administrators outside the library of the necessity of integrating information literacy into all aspects of the curriculum. As with teaching, only a few have backgrounds in management. Most subsequently manage by trail and error. This LOEX conference gives instruction librarians an opportunity to learn how to manage better -- based on the experience of others.

Leading off the conference is Mary Jane Petrowski, Senior Associate Executive Director for the Association of College & Research Libraries. Her presentation covers developing a "management repertoire."

Linda Dobb, Executive Vice President at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio, former Dean of BGSU's Library, is the featured speaker. Her insights and observations provide readers with a glimpse at how many in upper administration view library instruction and information literacy, and presents suggestions on how to integrate the goals of a library's information literacy program with the goals and priorities of the university as a whole.

Issues covered in breakout sessions range from staff scheduling and workload to project management, and from collaborating with faculty to devising staff development programs.

The papers included in these proceedings give an excellent overview of problems library instruction managers face and examples of how others in the field have successfully responded to them.

Ordering Information

  • Library Orientation Series, No. 33
  • ISBN 0-87650-367-9
  • 8 1/2x11, 256p, paper, 2002, $45.00

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Detailed Table of Contents

by Julia K. Nims

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Managing Information
by Mary Jane Petrowski

Up, Down, All Around: Permeating the Campus with Information Literacy
by Linda S. Dobb

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Breakout Sessions

  • Breakout Session No: 1
    Instructor College: Staff Development for Library Instructors

    by Patricia Yocum, Laurie Alexander, Doreen Bradley, Laurie Sutch and Robert Tolliver (University of Michigan)
  • Sidebar: Imagine If You Would
  • Figure 1: University Library Instructor College

  • Breakout Session No: 2
    What Do I Do Now? Helping Librarians Develop Teaching Skills

    by Helene Androski, Dineen Grow, and Carrie Kruse (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
  • Appendix A: Handout 1
  • Appendix B: Handout 2

  • Breakout Session No: 3
    Peer Advising in the Research Process: A Year of Student Success

    by Nicole J. Auer, Nancy H. Seamans, (Virginia Tech) and Laura Pelletier (Student at Virginia Tech)

  • Breakout Session No: 4
    When Six Heads Are Better than One: A Team Approach to Managing Instruction

    by Bryan Baine, Melissa Becher, Claire Dygert, and Mary Mintz (American University)

  • Breakout Session No: 5
    All Our Ducks in a Row: Essential Components and Challenges of Managing an Instruction Program

    by Lenora Berendt (Loyola University, Chicago) and Ellen Keith (Illinois Institute of Technology)

  • Breakout Session No: 6
    Completing the Learning Cycle: Managing the Cornell CreationStation Experiment

    by Tony Cocgrave (Cornell University)
  • Figure 1: CreationStation
  • Figure 2: The Learning Cycle
  • Figure 3: Screen Shot

  • Breakout Session No: 7
    Librarians Hitting the Books: Practicing Educational Theory in Library Instruction

    by Liz Argentieri, Kimberly S. Davies, Katy Farrell, and Jeffrey A. Liles (SUNY-Geneseo)
  • Figure 1: Video Clip Descriptions
  • Figure 2: Creating an Effective Lesson

  • Breakout Session No: 8
    Grassroots Information Literacy

    by Ned Fielden (San Francisco State University)
  • Figure 1: Grassroots Information Literacy
  • Figure 2: Information Literacy Sites

  • Breakout Session No: 9
    Mining a User Education Database: The Iowa Experience

    by Marsha Forys (University of Iowa Libraries) and John Forys (University of Iowa's Engineering Library)
  • Chart 1:
  • Chart 2:
  • Chart 3:
  • Chart 4:
  • Chart 5:
  • Chart 6:
  • Chart 7:
  • Handout 1: User Education Report Results
  • Handout 2: User Education Report Form
  • Handout 3: User Education Report Form General Guidelines

  • Breakout Session No: 10
    Teaching the Teachers

    by Peter Giordano (Williams College)

  • Breakout Session No: 11
    Library Safari: A Team-Based Approach to Serving Incoming Students

    by Trudi Bellardo Hahn (University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Appendix

  • Breakout Session No: 12
    Double Jeopardy: Avoiding Duplication Among Freshmen While Making Library Orientation Fun

    by Lorene B. Harris (University of South Carolina, Lancaster)
  • Figure 1: Screen Shot
  • Figure 2: Screen Shot
  • Figure 3: UNIV 101

  • Breakout Session No: 13
    Executive Coaching: Applications to Library Management, Reference, and Instruction

    by Karen Hunt (Winnipeg's Library)
  • Slide 12: Premise of Coaching
  • Slide 14: Flow of Coaching
  • Slide 19: Typical Mood
  • Slide 24: Andragog

  • Breakout Session No: 14
    Your Virtual Front Door: Making Your BI Website Welcoming and Valuable to Faculty and Student

    by Anna Marie Johnson (University of Louisville's Ekstrom Library)

  • Breakout Session No: 15
    To Test or Not Test: Is there a Question?

    by Kate Manuel (New Mexico State University), Kristin Ramsdell, Judith Faust, Elizabeth Ginno, and Jennifer Laherty (California State University, Hayward)
  • Appendix A:
  • Appendix B:
  • Appendix C:

  • Breakout Session No: 16
    One Shot to a Full Barrel

    by Angela Megaw and Jo McClendon (Gainesville College, Georgia

  • Breakout Session No: 17
    Charting Instruction: Curriculum Mapping for Planning and Documenting an Instructional Program

    by Sandra Martin, Vanessa Middleton, Janet Nichols, and Nancy Wilmes (Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan)
  • Figure 1: Screen Shot
  • Figure 2: Screen Shot
  • Figure 3: Sample SPSS Bar Chart

  • Breakout Session No: 18
    Institutionalizing Information Literacy

    by Kim L. Ranger (Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan)

  • Breakout Session No: 19
    Making the Grade: Teaching Competencies for Academic Librarians

    by Lori Ricigliano (University of Puget Sound's Collins Memorial Library)
  • Figure 1: Three Elements of Competency
  • Figure 2: The Process of Competencies
  • Appendix A: Making the Grade Exercises
  • Appendix B: Professional Competencies for Library Instructional Services at The University of Puget Sound

  • Breakout Session No: 20
    Assessing Library Instruction for Distance Learners: A Case Study of Nursing Students

    by Judy Ruttenberg and Elizabeth Housewright (California State University Fullerton)
  • Figure 1:
  • Figure 2:
  • Figure 3:
  • Figure 4:
  • Figure 5:
  • Appendix A: Library Skills Test-Sample Questions and Notes
  • Appendix B: User Satisfaction Survey

  • Breakout Session No: 21
    Management by Opportunity: Leading the Library Instruction Program

    by Ruth Shoge (Washington College, Chestertown, Maryland)

  • Breakout Session No: 22
    `Planning and Playdough': Designing a Retreat that Will Revise Your Instruction Program and Rejuvenate Your Colleagues

    by Doreen Simonsen (Willamette University, Oregon)

  • Breakout Session No: 23
    Creating Partnerships Across Campus for Successful Instruction Programs

    by Terri Pedersen Summey and Sherry Hawkins Backhus (Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas)
  • Figure 1: Case Studies Used during the Presentation for Discussion

  • Breakout Session No: 24
    Moving to a Team Approach: A Library Instruction Success Story

    by Cynthia Wright Swaine (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia)
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    Roster of Participants

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