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 Integrating Information Literacy into the College Experience

Library Orientation Series: #34

Edited by Julia K. Nims, Randal Baier, Rita Bullard, and Eric Owen

The keynote speaker at the 30th National LOEX Conference, Dane Ward, inspired conference atendees to focus on the process of teaching and implementing information literacy programs. He set the goal of achieving an information-literate student population. His optimistic message prepared the audience for the next two days of the conference.

The featured speaker, Mary Reichel, President of the Association of College and Research Libraries, stressed the teaching role of all librarians, not only those whose primary responsibility is library instruction. She encouraged conference attendees to broaden perspectives on their roles in the academic mission of their institutions.

Dan Ream challenged attendees to question if students are as enthusiastic about information literacy as librarians are. Do they understand what information literacy is? Do they believe librarians can help them become information literate? Dan provided a reality check, and offered related advice and insights.

Numerous presenters of breakout sessions shared their experiences and insights with the participants. Their sessions ranged from streaming video and library instruction to revising a research assignment to instructional design principles to collaborating with faculty. They addressed many diverse issues that are part of our information literacy landscape, and provided useful guidance for making all related programs more productive and effective.

The detailed table of contents (below) reveals the breadth and usefulness of this conference -- and conference proceedings.

Ordering Information

  • Library Orientation Series, No. 34
  • ISBN 0-87650-368-7
  • 8 1/2x11, 240p, paper, 2003, $45.00

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Detailed Table of Contents

by Julia K. Nims

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Seeking the Promised Land of Information Literacy
by Dane Ward

Information Literacy Meets the Real WORLD and the Winner Is...
by Dan Ream

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Breakout Sessions

  • Breakout Session No: 1
    Folding Information Literacy into the General Education Mix: Recipes for Getting Started

    by Susan E. Beck and Kate Manuel (New Mexico State University)
  • Appendix.

  • Breakout Session No: 2
    The Integration of Information Literacy Skills in a Year-Long Learning Community Program: A Faculty and Librarian Collaboration

    by James B. Young and Ashley Williams (George Mason University)
  • Appendix A: New Century College Freshmen First-Year Program

  • Breakout Session No: 3
    Meeting Millennials in Their Medium: Fusing Streamed Video and Library Instruction

    by Colleen Boff and Catherine Cardwell (Bowling Green State University)

  • Breakout Session No: 4
    A System-Wide Multi-Campus Approach to Integrating Information Competence into the Learning Outcomes of Academic Departments in the California State University System

    by Ilene F. Rockman (California State University)
    Delores Nasom McBroome (Humboldt State University)
    Marlowe Berg and Marcia Grant (San Diego State University)

  • Breakout Session No: 5
    Beyond the Research Paper: Working with Faculty to Maximize Library-Related Assignments

    by Glenn Ellen Starr Stilling (Appalachian State University)
  • Appendix 1: Selected Bibliography
  • Appendix 2: Infomercials
  • Appendix 2A: Infomercials
  • Appendix 2B: Responsible Patienthood
  • Appendix 2C: Encyclopedia of Commercial Recreation
  • Appendix 2D: Annotated Bibliography

  • Breakout Session No: 6
    Bringing 'Law and Order' into the Library: Evidence-Based Inquiry in Information Literacy Instruction at Wheelock College Library

    by Esme DeVault, Ann Glannon, and Amanda Gluibizzi (Wheelock College)
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
  • Appendix E

  • Breakout Session No: 7
    The Role of a Competency Test in Supporting and Promoting the Integration of Information Literacy in the Undergraduate Curriculum at James Madison University

    by Kathy Clarke and Rebecca Feind (James Madison University)
  • Tier One: Instruction at the Freshman Level
  • Tier Two: Instruction in the Major

  • Breakout Session No: 8
    What Students Really Cite: Findings From a Content Analysis of First-Year Student Bibliographies

    by Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe, Christine Kubiak, Stephen K. Hunt and Cheri J. Simonds (Illinois State University)

  • Breakout Session No: 9
    Who Wants to be Information Literate?

    by Susan S. Drummond (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

  • Breakout Session No: 10
    Building a Fan Base for Information Literacy

    by Carol Stookey and Lisa Roberts (Principia College)

  • Breakout Session No: 11
    Comparing Two Approaches to Developing Interactive Tutorials

    by Heather Cunningham and Rea Devakos (University of Toronto)
    Margaret Cunningham and Trudi Bellardo Hahn (University of Maryland)

  • Breakout Session No: 12
    Different Models, Common Goals: Information Literacy Across the Liberal Arts Curriculum

    by Jessica Grim and Cynthia H. Comer (Oberlin College)
    Susan D. Scott (Denison University)
    Julia Chance Gustafson (The College of Wooster)
    Jasmine Vaughan (Kenyon College)
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 3
  • Appendix 4

  • Breakout Session No: 13
    Inch by Inch, Row by Row... Growing an Information Literacy Program

    by Joanna M. Burkhardt (University of Rhode Island-Providence Campus)
    Mary C. MacDonald (University of Rhode Island)

  • Breakout Session No: 14
    Is This Assignment Really Necessary?: The Evolution of a First-Year Experience Library Research Assignment

    by Carolyn Frenger (George Washington University)

  • Breakout Session No: 15
    The CSU Fullerton Initiative: Integrating Information Competence into the Curriculum

    by Suellen Cox, Ellen Junn, Sorel Reisman, and Patricia Szeszulski (California State University, Fullerton)
  • Checklist for Measuring Assignments for Information Competence Information Competence
  • Choosing a "Candidate Course" for Information Competence Integration
  • CSUF-CSU Information Competency Initiative for Department Chairs

  • Breakout Session No: 16
    The Information Literacy Toolkit: Fostering Critical Research Skills in the Online Learning Environment

    by John T. Butler and Jerilyn R. Veldof (University of Minnesota)
  • Figure 1: Faculty and Student Toolkit Interactions
  • Figure 2: Toolkit Data Model
  • Appendix: Idea Exchange
  • Appendix: CourseLib
  • QuickStudy: Library Research Guide
  • Assignment Calculator
  • Research QuickStart
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Database

  • Breakout Session No: 17
    Reaching Out to First-Year Students: The Passport to the Libraries of The Claremont Colleges Orientation

    by Gale Burrow, Carrie Marsh, Kimberly Franklin (The Claremont Colleges)
    Amy Wallace (University of California, San Diego)
  • Appendix A: Passport Booklet 6 pages

  • Breakout Session No: 18
    The Library Liaison: Integrating Information Literacy into the Undergraduate Curriculum One Department at a Time

    by Joe Jackson (Winona State University)

  • Breakout Session No: 19
    The Quest to Understand K-16 Information Literacy Skills

    by Marcia King-Blandford (University of Toledo)

  • Breakout Session No: 20
    Searchpath, a New Information Literacy Tutorial, or How a Grant, Hard Work & Open Publication Licensing Made it Possible

    by Elaine Anderson Jayne and Maira Bundza (Western Michigan University)

  • Breakout Session No: 21
    Information Literacy for College Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired: A Team Approach Involving Students Who Are Blind

    by Galen E. Rike (Western Michigan University)

  • Breakout Session No: 22
    Library Services and Instruction For Online Distance Learners

    by Frances A. May (University of North Texas)

  • Breakout Session No: 23
    Real-World Solutions for Real-World Collaboration Problems

    by Alexius Smith Macklin and Michael Fosmire (Purdue University)

  • Breakout Session No: 24
    Take a Ride on the Design Cycle: Instructional Design for Librarians

    by Jerilyn Veldof (University of Minnesota)
  • Appendix A
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C

  • Breakout Session No: 25
    Teaching Information Literacy Skills to Undergraduates: the Electronic Research Log Model

    by Elizabeth Mulherrin (University of Maryland)

  • Breakout Session No: 26
    From 50 Minutes to 15 Weeks: Teaching a Semester-Long Information Literacy Course Within a Freshman Learning Community

    by Tammy S. Sugarman and Laura G. Burtle (Georgia State University)
  • Handout 1
  • Handout 2
  • Handout 3

  • Breakout Session No: 27
    Instructor College: Promoting Development of Library Instructors

    by Patricia Yocum, Doreen Bradley, and Amanda Forrester (The University of Michigan)

  • Breakout Session No. 28
    Promoting Collaboration With Faculty

    by Margaret Fain, Peggy Bates, and Robert Stevens (Costal Carolina University)

  • Breakout Session No. 29
    Talking With Faculty and Administrators: Using Numbers to Demonstrate the Value of Bibliographic Instruction

    by Barbara J. Cockrell (Western Michigan University)
  • Figure 1
  • Figure 2
  • Figure 3
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
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    Roster of Participants

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