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 Film Plots
Film Plots, volume two

Film Plots:
Scene-by-Scene Narrative Outlines for Feature Film Study

by Leonard J. Leff

Film Plots Vol. I provides scene-by-scene analyses of 67 classic and modern films. Film Plots Vol. II analyzes 50 films. For each film, a scene-by-scene summary of the story, the location and time of action, the names of major and minor characters, interscene transitional markers (cut, dissolve, fade out, etc.), and selected, pertinent dialogue or titles are provided.

Film scholars, beginning film students, sociologists, and historians can use Film Plots as a reference to the film narrative's chronology, characters, setting, and action.

"This is a unique work that will be appreciated in any collection..."
-- American Reference Books Annual

Ordering Information:
Volume I: 1983
ISBN 0-87650-149-8
8 1/2 x 11, 402p, hardcover
Volume II: 1988
ISBN 0-87650-241-9
8 1/2 x 11, 483p, hardcover
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