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Library Hi Tech was sold to MCB University Press, effective 31 December 1998. All 1999 and subsequent subscriptions should be placed directly with MCB. Back issues (1998 and earlier) remain available from Pierian Press (see below).

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Back Issues

Back issues for 1998 and earlier years are still available from Pierian Press. Most issues are still in print, but only a few copies exist in most cases. If you need a specific back issue, please email to verify availability before ordering.

Ordering information:
Quarterly (since 1983)
ISSN 0737-8831
United States: $22.00 per single issue
United States: $44.00 per double issue

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Special Library Hi Tech Issues and Reports

State of the State Reports:
Statewide Library Automation, Connectivity, and Resource Access Initiatives

This special double issue of Library Hi Tech addresses the challenges and opportunities confronting each state. Many of the articles mention vendors serving the various libraries, databases that are being acquired, issues focusing on the Internet, and much more! Forty-six states have contributed reports to this issue.

This issue not only is an important report on the choices and decisions being made at the state and consortia levels, but also is an important guide to the key decision makers, leaders, and visionaries who play critical roles in the states. This is a reference tool!

Ordering information:
Library Hi Tech, Vol. 14, Number 2-3, 1996
Consecutive Issue 54-55
Double issue: $44.00

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Libraries and the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities

This special theme issue of Library Hi Tech includes eight articles on technology and its impact on persons with disabilities. These articles represent a cross-section of current research and practice in the field of adaptive technology and librarianship.

This issue identifies architectural and attitudinal barriers, points out potential pitfalls facing librarians who must decide what to buy and how best to use it, provides a history of the graphical user interface and the trend toward graphics-based OPACs and World Wide Web sites, and presents an overview of the new RFB&D Internet-based online catalog.

Six additional articles also appear in this issue.

Ordering information:
Library Hi Tech, Vol. 14, Number 1, 1996
Consecutive Issue 53
Single issue: $22.00

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Global Change Research and the Role of Libraries

The articles in this issue deal with how the federal agencies and other organizations, including libraries, are working together to address the critical issues of our Earth's changing environment. Background articles provide context by explaining what we have done in the past, what we are doing now, and what needs to be accomplished in the future. The ensuing articles discuss the tools, standards, and policies necessary to achieve these goals; and the pilot projects necessary to test the feasibility of large-scale projects.

Three additional articles also appear in this issue.

Ordering information:
Library Hi Tech, Vol. 13, Number 1-2, 1995
Consecutive Issue 49-50
Double issue: $40.00


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