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 Library User Education in the New Millennium
Loex 31 
book cover

Library User Education in the New Millennium:
Blending Tradition, Trends, and Innovation:
Papers and Session Materials Presented at the 27th National LOEX Conference

Library Orientation Series: #31

Edited by Julia K. Nims and Ann Andrew

The 27th National LOEX Conference presentations focus on rethinking traditional services and implementing innovative programs. They all reaffirm the need for excellent library instruction in college and university libraries.

The theme of the keynote speaker, Cheryl LaGuardia, is that instruction librarians are specialists who play a key role in preparing students for the information age.

Dr. John Lienhard, the featured speaker, addresses the necessity of and the difficulty in preserving and sharing resources and knowledge. He speaks eloquently about issues impacting library services and resources.

In addition there are 15 instructive sessions ranging from designing and implementing Web tutorials, to exploring the role of teaching faculty in information literacy, to collaborating with other groups on campus.

Five poster presenters cover issues ranging from teaching returning adult students to introducing personalized library Web services.

Discussion sessions present the thoughts of conference participants about students' use of the Web for research and marketing library instruction programs, among other topics.

Ordering Information

  • Library Orientation Series, No. 31
  • ISBN 0-87650-365-2
  • 8 1/2x11, 210p, paper, 2001, $42.00

Complete Table of Contents

by Julia K. Nims


Deep in the Heart of Instruction: The New Library Teachers
by Cheryl LaGuardia

Sharing and Retaining: An Essential Tension in Academic Libraries
by John H. Lienhard

Instructive Sessions

  • Instructive Session No: 1
    Collaborative and Active Learning: Strategies for Success

    by Robin Angeley and Peter Smith (Western Washington University)
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2
  • Appendix 3

  • Instructive Session No: 2
    Room for Learning: Planning for the Teaching in a Hands-On Environment at the Libraries of the Claremont Colleges

    by Gale Burrow and Amy Buse (The Claremont Colleges)
  • Appendix A: The W.M. Keck Foundation Learning Room
  • Appendix B
  • Appendix C
  • Appendix D
  • Appendix E
  • Appendix F

  • Instructive Session No: 3
    "Please Don't Touch the Keyboards!" Hands-On(?) Instruction in the Electronic Classroom

    by Susan Cooperstein (Notre Dame Library) and Liz Kocevar-Weidinger (Frostburg State University)
  • Appendix 1: Loyola/Notre Dame Library Searching ERIC Online
  • Appendix 2: Basic Search Technique and Evaluating Web Resources
  • Appendix 3

  • Instructive Session No: 4
    All About Web Tutorials

    by Stefanie Dennis (Bowling Green State University), Sallie Harlan (California Polytechnic State University), and Athena Hoeppner (University of Central Florida)

  • Instructive Session No: 5
    Avoiding Culture Shock: Strategies for Successful Partnerships in Library Instruction

    by Elizabeth A. Dupuis, Clara Fowler and Brent Simpson (University of Texas)

  • Instructive Session No: 6
    Using Video for Library Promotion

    by Andy Gulati (Franklin & Marshall College)

  • Instructive Session No: 7
    Breaking Barriers and Building Boudaries: Creating Better Instructional Sessions in an Environment of Change

    by Donna J. Gunter (University of North Carolina)

  • Instructive Session No: 8
    The End of BI: Will Classroom Faculty Replace Us in the New Millennium?

    by Nancy Niles (SUNY Cobleskill)

  • Instructive Session No: 9
    Power-Sharing in the Academy: Collaboration and the "New BI"

    by Bill Orme and Carol Withers (Indiana University-Purdue University)

  • Instructive Session No: 10
    Learning Opportunities for Faculty: The Electronic Information Literacy Program at Austin Community College

    by Pamela A. Perry (Austin Community College)
  • Appendix A

  • Instructive Session No: 11
    Redesigning the Library Web Site: Implications for Instruction

    by Anna M. Platoff (Arizona State University)

  • Instructive Session No: 12
    After X Comes Y: Teaching the Next Generation

    by Lori Ricigliano (University of Puget Sound)
  • Appendix 1

  • Instructive Session No: 13
    The Information Technology Scavenger Hunt: Discovering New Approaches to Orientations

    by Jennifer Taxman (Skidmore College)
  • Appendix 1: Welcome to the 1998 Technology Scavenger Hunt!
  • Appendix 2: 1998 Technology Scavenger Hunt: Scorecar
  • Appendix 3: Challenge #1: Sending and Receiving Electronic Mail
  • Appendix 4: Challenge #2: Using the Library's On-line Public Access Catalog to Locate Course Reserves
  • Appendix 5: Challenge #3: Accessing a Specific Page on the World Wide Web
  • Appendix 6: Challenge #4: Using the Expanded Academic Index to Locate Journal Articles
  • Appendix 7: Survey Questions/Possible Responses

  • Instructive Session No: 14
    Bringing the "Invisible" into Focus: Teaching Portfolios for the Instruction Librarian

    by Jane P. Tuttle (Columbia College)
  • Appendix 1
  • Appendix 2

  • Instructive Session No: 15
    Changing Horses in the Middle of the (Data) Stream: Bibliographic Instruction Concerns in Changing Electronic Environments

    by Jeanie M. Welch (University of North Carolina)

    Discussion Groups

  • Discussion Group No: 1
    Information Literacy at the Small Liberal Arts College: A Practical Discussion

    by Heather A. Jagman (Northwestern University)

  • Discussion Group No: 2
    More Questions than Answers: Notes from the Discussion on Library Personnel Training, A Lifeboat in a Sea of Change

    by Anna Marie Johnson (University of Louisville)

  • Discussion Group No: 3
    If You Build It, Will they Come? How Do We Encourage Students (and Faculty) to Come to the Lbirary for Instruction?

    by Ward Price (University of Texas)

  • Discussion Group No: 4
    Is the Web Untangling the Research Process?

    by Debbie Tenofsky (University of Michigan)

    Poster Sessions

  • Poster Session No: 1
    Teaching WWW Based Full-Text Databases

    by Deborah Bernnard and Yolanda Hollingsworth (University of Albany, SUNY)
  • Part 1 - Teaching WWW Based Full-Text Databases
  • Part 2 - Key Words, Concepts and Definitions
  • Part 3 - Web-Based Full-Tecxt Databases

  • Poster Session No: 2
    "Now, Voyager" From Bette Davis to Kte Mulgrew: Developing BI for "Boomers" in an Academic Setting

    by Deborah Ebster and Patricia Farney (Rock Valley College, Rockford, Illinois)
  • Part 1 - "Now, Voyager" From Bette Davis to Kate Mulgrew
  • Part 2 - Bibliography

  • Poster Session No: 3
    My Library

    by James Ghaphery (Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia)
  • Part 1 - "My Library: VCU's Personalized Library Web Page Service"
  • Part 2 - About My Library
  • Part 3 - My Library Test Site
  • Part 4 - Create Your Own Library Page
  • Part 5 - My Library
  • Part 6 - Edit My Library
  • Part 7 - My Library (again)

  • Poster Session No: 4
    "Electronic Instructor's Tool Belt"

    by Kenneth E. Gibson (SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook, New York)
  • Part 1 - Abstract Page
  • Part 2 - The Electronic Instructors Toolbelt
  • Part 3 - Tools File
  • Part 4 - Create Your Own Library Page

  • Poster Session No: 5
    The Quest for Information Literacy: Forging New Partnerships

    by Judith Olsen and Barbara Quintiliano (Villanova University, Villanova, Pennsylvania)
  • Part 1 - The Quest for Information Literacy Forging New Partnerships
  • Part 2 - Quest: A Self-Paced, Online Tutorial
  • Part 3 - Quest Strategies: Searching and Evaluating
  • Roster of Participants (with e-mail addresses)

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