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 Theory and Practice
Loex 29 
book cover

Theory and Practice:
Papers and Session Materials Presented at the 25th National LOEX Conference

Library Orientation Series, No. 29

Edited by Linda Shirato and Elizabeth R. Bucciarelli

Theory and Practice contains the proceedings from the 25th National LOEX Library Instruction Conference held on May 8-10, 1997 in Charleston, South Carolina. It is the 29th title in the Library Orientation Series by Pierian Press.

The conference theme, Theory and Practice, aimed to incorporate current theory about library instruction with examples of how that theory was translated into everyday practice. Presentations range from teaching with the Web to discussions of workload burnout.

Theory and Practice includes the presentation made by the conference keynote speaker, Cerise Oberman, Dean of Libraries and Information Services at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. Oberman gave an overview of the past 20 years of theory and practice and a new proposal for the future.

The volume includes the preconference workshop: Promoting Reflection and Dialogue -- Preparing for Change. The program portfolio is a self-study methodology developed by the Michigan Library Association PREMIER project.

Ordering Information

  • Library Orientation Series, No. 29
  • ISBN 0-87650-354-7
  • 8 1/2 x 11, 192p, paper, 1998, $40.00

Table of Contents

Instructive Sessions

Theory and Practice includes 11 instructive sessions covering:

  • Implementing an Information Technology Training Program
  • Using Presentation Software in Instruction Sessions: Design Principles and Presentation Skills
  • Designing and implementing CLUE
  • Of Course the Library Is Important! Getting Library Instruction Included in a Freshman Experience Course
  • Training Course Instructors to Teach Library Instruction
  • Reinventing a Library User Education Program: The BGSU Experience
  • Presentation Basics: Skills, Techniques and Learning Styles
  • Constructing Web Pages for Course-Related Library Instruction: A Business and Government Information Perspective
  • Teaching Library Users to Evaluate WWW Resources
  • Life on the Information Super Treadmill: Management Issues in Creating a Departmental Web Page for Reference Service and Bibliographic Instruction
  • Successful Marketing of Faculty Bibliographic Instruction

Discussion Groups

The discussion groups include information on using textbooks for library credit courses, workload issues, critical evaluation skills for the Internet, multiple literacies, motivating colleagues, and problems for the first- and second-year librarian.

Other Features

The volume also includes the annual library instruction and information bibliography by Hannelore B. Rader and the roster of conference participants. E-mail addresses are provided where possible.

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