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 Isaac Watt's Hymns & Spiritual Songs (1707)

Isaac Watt's Hymns & Spiritual Songs (1707):
A Publishing History and a Bibliography

compiled and edited by Selma L. Bishop, Professor of English, McMurray College

The Definitive Guide to "The People's First Hymn Book."

Watt's Hymns of 1707 has been called "the people's first hymnbook" (Bird). By the nineteenth century, the work attained sales levels equal to chapbooks, not only in Great Britain and the United States, but in all of western Europe. With few changes, the hymns were adapted for use by numerous faiths. The evolution and adaptation of the works reflect the moral thought of the time.

Professor Bishop's study is arranged in five sections:

  1. Regular Watts, Editions 1-163 (1707-1791)
  2. Alteration Begins, Editions 164-242 (1792-1803)
  3. Alteration Arrives, Editions 243-379 (1804-1815)
  4. Broad Change Evolves, Editions 380-654 (1816-1962)
  5. Mutational Trends, Editions 655-672 (Undated)

This book contains 16 indexes and numerous illustrations.

Ordering Information

  • ISBN 0-87650-033-5
  • 6 x 9, 503p, hardcover, 1974, $35.00
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