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 Children and Adolescents in the Market Place
Children and Adolescents in 
the Market Place book cover

Children and Adolescents in the Market Place:
Twenty-Five Years of Academic Research

by Tomasita M. Chandler, Ph.D and Barbara M. Heinzerling, J.D.

Ten years in the making, this exhaustive work thoroughly summarizes and synthesizes research on this topic during the last 25 years.

The United States market economy is one of the largest and most sophisticated in the global economy, and consequently makes considerable demands on consumers functioning in that market. Children have been studied and considered as a potential consumer market since the mid-1950s. In the 1960s and 1970s, the research on children focused heavily on television and its effects. In the last two decades, as the economic significance of children as consumers has grown, manufacturers and retailers alike have re-examined their attention to children. During this same time period the research on children in the consumer role has dramatically expanded in volume and variety.


Research studies covered in Children and Adolescents in the Market Place: Twenty-Five Years of Academic Research were selected from a wide range of sources including professional journals, books, and trade papers. They provide a description of both the factors affecting the consumer behavior of youth and their actual consumption behavior and preferences.

This annotated bibliography of articles includes materials published from 1970 through 1995. The majority of articles included are based on empirical research with only a limited number of policy-oriented and literature review articles. To be selected for inclusion the article had to be easily accessible and produced in the English language. Approximately 220 different journals and proceedings are represented in the 836 summaries included in the bibliography.

The reported research had to include children from the ages of three through 18 as well as have some direct reference to the marketplace. The focus of the bibliography is on the consumer or marketplace aspects of the subject matter area, for example, on television's impact on consumer socialization and consumption, not on television's portrayal of violence and aggression.

Children and Adolescents in the Market Place: Twenty-Five Years of Academic Research, by Tomasita M. Chandler, Ph.D and Barbara M. Heinzerling, J.D., contains extensive, substantive annotations that will be useful for academics and students in a wide variety of fields including child development, consumer education, and marketing. Researchers, in both the academic and the business worlds, should find it helpful to review the existing research in areas and to identify potential future areas of investigation. Practitioners also should find the work helpful whether they are developing programs for parents or children/teens or marketing goods/services. Government personnel, whether interested in regulation or public policy, should find the research summaries helpful while those journalists who write on the topic of children's consumer behavior may glean a historical basis from the bibliography.


The bibliography is organized into six broad subject categories. The subjects covered in this volume are:

  • Learning the Consumer Role
  • Economic and Financial Behavior
  • Expenditures, Shopping Behavior, and Brand Preferences
  • Consumer Behavior Determinants
  • Public Policy
  • Related Research Issues

Ordering Information

  • Children and Adolescents in the Market Place
  • ISBN 0-87650-383-0
  • 8 1/2 x 11, 680 pages, hard cover, $145.00
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