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Arthur Secunda
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 Sentinels of Time, by Arthur Secunda
Sentinels of Time, by Arthur Secunda
  • titled: "Sentinels of Time" (lower left corner)
  • signed: "Secunda" (lower right corner)
  • medium: mixed-media collage/serigraph
  • dimensions: image size: 9 7/8" x 6 3/4"; paper size: 16" x 13"
  • edition: 25 prints, numbered 1/25 to 25/25
  • date published: 1994
  • print number: 94-02-025
  • published by: Pierian Press Fine Art Editions

Introduction, by C. Edward Wall

Secunda is well known for both his collages and prints; in fact, many of his prints are inspired by or based on previously constructed collages. This work is actually a collage of portions of two previously created prints - one printed in France and the other in California.

The work is a rich visual image and a powerful symbolic statement on time, which is perhaps inevitable for an assemblage comprised of works originally created in different places, cultures, and times.

Time has been characterized in countless ways: for example, as demarcating beginning and end (e.g., birth and death); as fleeting (once gone, it can never be recovered); and as the great equalizer (it passes at the same rate for all living things, or all living things die in time). All these characterizations are symbolically incorporated into this print.

The two triangular sentinels, perhaps Egyptian pyramids or indian tepees (both enduring symbols of ancient civilizations) reflect the duality of time. To the left of the image, heat shivers capture the momentary nature of "the present." The parallel lines, like layers of a mobius strip repeatedly coming round, draw us into the image and ever deeper into the past or future -and into the "leveling" of time.

These are the most obvious metaphors inherent in this print, but one can simply enjoy this work for the beautiful composition that it is. In this tumultuous world, the artist may bring us no greater gift than creations that refresh the spirit through the momentary conveyance of pleasure - one of the most fleeting emotions that exist in the continuum we call "time."

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